Brawn Lifestyle has a set mission in mind. That mission is to create a healthier world and a more financially stable environment. Brawn Lifestyle represents a team that never gave up, making sure that our downfalls didn’t define us nor our outcomes but rather our upbringing and perseverance. Brawn stands for physical strength but our true meaning behind it extends far beyond that. Brawn seeks to join the fitness industry, not to compete with other brands, but rather to set a new standard and to ultimately become the 'Future of Fitness'.​



Our vision with Brawn Lifestyle is to become the next industry leader by prioritizing our customers over our profits. We plan on raising the bar through every product we release and every event we organize to bring roaring fans to our growing brand.​

Darren Morgan

Previously serving in the US Army, Darren Morgan became very passionate about serving others. Whether it's in or out of the armed forces, Darren seeks to motivate others to consistently work on themselves and seek to become the best version of themselves everyday. Darren prides himself in understanding the struggle of being overweight and dealing with health complications as he continues to encourage other's to be the change they want to see. Darren's weight loss journey has been a terrific one and he is still going as hard as he did on day 1! His goal is to become an inspiration to others and inspire growth/change.

Edison Cordero

As a former Boxer, Edison Cordero got his start in the fitness industry fairly early. With dreams of fighting for Team USA in the Olympics and going professional, Edison had a lot to look forward to ahead of him. That was until 2017, when Edison suffered an injury that would bring those dreams to a halt and ultimately hinder him from competing again. It was at this moment Edison realized his true passion was to serve others and provide endless amounts of value for those in need. Jumping into personal development, Edison began mentoring/coaching those seeking guidance at no cost. Edison's goal is to become a light at the end of the tunnel for those that need it and to create a positive impact in the fitness/health industry.